Sunday, June 3, 2012

Communication Breakdown

   The first thing I do when I am abroad is find a nearby post office. I love sending post cards to family and friends!

   Sure, an e-mail and/ or a phone call may be more efficient, but when you receive a handwritten letter…or take the time to get out your pen and paper of choice, everything communicated suddenly becomes more special, whimsical.

   Kind of like when you read a great book then you are disappointed with the movie, you or your reader can use their own imagination and translate their own enthusiasm into your letter.


Being my first night in Israel, I have not yet had the chance to go post-card shopping.
I received a letter the day before I left the states, so I will start off my mailing extravaganza with a reply to an awesome guy I met about a year ago who has been my penpal every since!

  You don’t have to travel to send postcards!

   It was just in typing this that I realized I don’t send letters to anyone other than my penpal when I am home, but you can bet I will start as soon as I set foot back in the USA. Get started now!

1) Pick out cute stationary, my favorites are linked below:
Cherry Blossom // Long Distance // Faux Bois

2) Gather addresses and birthdays of your friends and family.

3) Light a candle, put on a record, and let it flow!



^on our playlist: "I Know Places" by Lykke Li