Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jerusalem of Gold.

“Let’s just stay up all night and take the first bus in the morning.”

   Trust me, this was not the fairy tale ending to our pre-planned Jerusalem day. I, myself, make plans all the time. In fact, I even keep e a spiral notebook within 3 feet of me at all times just in case I need to make a list or a plan. For my sanity, I need to know what will happen next- unlike my significant other, whose answers to my relentless “and then??” questions are always, “let’s just see” or “we’ll figure it out.”

   The plan was to wake up and be in Jerusalem by noon to rummage through the old city flea market all day before ending our trip with a lovely Arab music concert put on by Eliad’s friend and have some quality “catch-up” time.

C H A N G E // O F // P L A N S.
   After many delays*, we arrived at the flea market around 6:30, starving, late to the show, then missed the last bus home to Tel Aviv. After pondering how to get home cheap and efficiently, I had the bright idea to just stay up all night and take the first bus home in the morning.
 Jerusalem of goldjer1 jer2
Jerusalem of gold2jer4  jer3
   Sometimes, it is more fun when you make mistakes, when you have hurdles, when you get lost or miss a bus…when you take chances. Life is what you make it; truly living in the moment and simply going with the flow. When you choose to make the best of it, it will bring out the best in you.

*Delays: snooze button (terrible invention), finally left the house, then saw old doors we decided to carry back to the apartment for later refurbishing, and last, but certainly not least, a fire blocking the road to Jerusalem.