Sunday, September 9, 2012


Walking along the streets of Istanbul, passing astonishing historical figures full of beauty such as the Blue Mosque, I can't help but look past them and focus my attention on the vibrant and detailed patterns surrounding me.



Every floor tile is intricately detailed (and sometimes tiled from floor to ceiling!), every store window full of perfectly displayed, colorful, and enticing treats, even the trees have been planted in what seems like, the perfect pattern.


My most recent artwork has been full of patterns and just like when you buy a car, you suddenly see the same car everywhere, I am going crazy snapping photos of patterns as if it is all I see! Before I left America, I was taking a wonderful porceleain/ china painting class with my Mamaw hosted by her best friend. My first series (on a short hiatus) consists of an outline of each country I have visited filled in with small patterns reflecting the cultural art and sites around me. I have big shoes to fill when I start on Turkey!


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